Plans For Every Budget

All our prices are defined as per the recommendations of the Construction Industry Development Board of Mauritius. 

What is included

All our plans include

All Materials

All necessary construction and building materials are included in all of our plans.

Licensed and Insured

With our Contractor’s Insurance, you are covered in the unlikely event something bad happens.

Contract of Service

When you hire us, we agree on all terms and conditions then write it down in your contract.

All Labour

All labour is included in the price quoted. Our builders are the best in the business.

Free Advice

Benefit from our builders’ skills, expertise and knowledge of the industry.

Health and Safety

Our sites are compliant with health and safety regulations for your guaranteed peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Square Feet in Square Metre?

1 Sq. Ft. is equal to 0.092903 Sq. M.

Is the price inclusive of VAT?

The above price per Sq. Ft. does not include VAT. The rate of VAT is 15%. 

As a Licensed Contractor, we have an obligation to charge VAT on our Invoices. However, if you are eligible, you may claim up to Rs 500,000 of the VAT amount at the MRA. Find out more on how to claim VAT when building your home.

When you obtain a final quote from us, it will be inclusive of the VAT payable. 

Is your price higher than other contractors?
Our pricing plans reflect the indicative rates as defined by our regulator, the Construction Industry Development Board and available for public consultation here.
Any contractor who is not aligned with these rates will run short of cash during the project and this willl either lead to hefty variation orders or site desertion.
How and when are payments made?
All of this is laid down in your contract of service. We accept cheque payments, bank transfers and cash for smaller amounts.

The instalment schedule is as follows and will be as per the advancement of the works:

  • Advance Payment: 35%
  • 2nd Instalment: 35%
  • 3rd Instalment: 25%
  • On completion of the works: 5%
Can you guarantee that you will be staying within the defined time frame?

A reasonable time frame is defined in the contract of service which is signed by both parties. However, exterior factors such as extreme weather conditions or delays in building materials deliveries can cause us to run a bit late on the schedule. When such exterior factors are not present, we deliver what we say, when we say!

Can I trust you when it comes to the quality of materials used?

All materials are covered in all of our plans and a list of important materials can be included in your contract of service.

Whenever materials are unavailable (Out of stock or different colours, designs), we shall inform you beforehand of any substitution.

For items such as fixtures and sanitary wares which are not defined within the contract, a specific budget will be communicated to you to outline how much can be spent on them.

Are pricing plans fixed?

Pricing plans are not fixed and will vary as per the project and the plans. 

A specific budget will be provided per item and in case the budget is exceeded for a particular item, a variation order will be issued.

The following factors often contribute to an increase in the pricing :

  • Thorough cleaning of woodlot.
  • Rock problems on plot.
  • Demolition of existing structures.
  • Temporary onsite power and water services.
  • Roof types.

Please contact us for more info.

What is a variation order?

A variation order is a written statement signed by the customer authorising the contractor to do additional work not included in the original contract. A variation order also may be written when a contractor comes across any unforeseen damage or problem.

Does your company have in house architects and engineers?

No. We have long standing working relationships with many highly qualified architects and engineers throughout the country. This allows us to select the firms with the best fit for the project needs.





We have all the right tools, let us Help You 

We have all the right tools, let us Help You 

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