Vastu Shastra is an ancient system of architecture from India which literally translates to the ‘science of architecture’. The main purpose of Vastu is to bring prosperity, happiness and good health in the house.

While you should normally contemplate Vastu principles, by consulting an expert, at the design stage of your house, there are a few basic Vastu tips that you can follow right now to bring in good luck and wealth in your home.

Please bear in mind that Vastu Shastra includes a number of guidelines as to the directional alignment of the rooms in your house. This goes beyond the purpose of this article. We wrote this article because of popular demand from our clients and it is meant for anyone who wants to try a few simple tricks to enhance their home. We recommend our clients to consult an expert for any further information.

1. Vastu tips for the Entry Hall

Vastu Shastra lays particular emphasis on the entry hall. It is said to pave the entrance and exit to positive and negative energies. According to Vastu Shastra, a beautiful entrance attracts prosperity and success. Keep it tidy, well organised and free from any obstructions. Vastu Shastra emphasizes on lighting up the main gate brightly. Make sure that you always keep the entrance door brightly lit.

One of the tips on Vastu for entrances is to ensure that the main door is larger than any other doors in the house. Also, the main door should preferably open in an inward manner so that it does not drive out good energy from within the home. Keep the main door in spot condition and blemish free. Properly lubricate the door hinges to avoid the door from creaking when it is opened.

If there is a wall at the entrance inside your house, don’t leave it empty! It will look lonely and gloomy. Show your creativity and decorate the wall; it all depends on you. Also, avoid keeping shoe-racks or bins at the entrance as they might block positive energy from entering the home.

2. Distribute positive energy through the Living Room

The living room is the principal place of gathering for the family and guests. As such, it plays a major role in distributing the flow of energy towards the other rooms. As per Vastu, it is important for this room to be free from any obstructions to allow energy to flow freely through the home. When it comes to furniture, pick square or rectangular pieces rather than circular ones. L-Shape sofa units are trendy and are in line with Vastu. Recliners also work well as they tend to encourage relaxation.

Vastu Shastra recommends that the north-east corner of the living room should always be left clear from obstructions and tidy. It is supposedly the part which attracts the most good fortune. If you opt to decorate this area with plants, make sure that they remain healthy and well looked after.

Dark rooms repel positive energy. Design your living room in such a way that natural lights come in easily during the day. At night, ensure the room is well-lit and cosy by using warm yellow lights instead of aggressive white lights. As for your walls, Vastu recommends light earthy tones, pastel tones or white. Try to avoid black or red for the living room. Also avoid any paintings or photographs that depict violence.

3. A Vastu compliant Kitchen

The kitchen is integral part of any household. It is believed that the kitchen designed according to Vastu attracts good health and prosperity. Vastu recommends ceramic tiles, light woods and bronze or stainless steel for the kitchen. Windows are also an important aspect to consider in the kitchen. They bring in natural light, positive energies and fresh air. Make sure that you keep the windows in your kitchen open as much as possible when you’re in your house.

Given that fire and water are considered as being opposite elements, it is advisable for them to be placed away from each other. Vastu suggests that stoves should be placed in the south-east direction while the water elements like sinks and taps, in the north-east part of the kitchen.

Prefer clean and neutral colours for the kitchen. Make use of plants and use lighting to lift up the ambiance. Always keep your appliances clean and evacuate odours by opening windows and using an extractor. 

4. Attract abundance in your home through the Dining Room

The dining room is where the stomach gets fulfilled and where family members gather to eat their meals and socialise. Vastu recommends that a mirror is placed to reflect the food when it is set on the table in order to attract abundance in the home.

Earthy colours and shades of light blue, light grey and green are a good fit for this room as they stimulate the appetite. As per Vastu, the dining room should be on the same floor as the kitchen to easily carry utensils and serve food. Also, Vastu recommends to keep the bathroom as far as possible from the dining room and kitchen.

5. Vastu guidelines for Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. To stay healthy, you need a good night’s sleep. As per Vastu, the colour of your bedroom walls plays a significant role in this. Use shades like white, light blue or lavender and natural materials like wood to create a soothing and cosy ambiance. Avoid dark colours in your bedroom. They can create a gloomy and negative ambiance which is not in line with the principles of Vastu Shastra.

Keep your bedroom well-lit with natural lights during the day. Let the fresh air flow into the room by keeping the windows open for at least 20 minutes every day. There should be minimum furniture and preferably no electronic appliances as these give out negative energy according to Vastu.

Also, as per Vastu, ceiling beams in the bedroom may lead to health complications. If there is a beam running across your ceiling, make sure not to place your bed under it. To start your day on a positive note, place the headboard of your bed towards the east, where the sun rises. Try to avoid mirrors that give a direct reflection of the bed as it may create tensions and health issues.


6. Making Bathrooms adhere to Vastu                  

Vastu norms were developed before the invention of indoor plumbing and consequently, bathrooms were to be built outside the house to avoid the negative energy traditionally associated with them. That being said, Vastu is not against innovation and new technologies; but now that the bathroom is an essential part of our homes, there are a few simple things to consider to minimise the negative impact on the homeowners.

Avoid dark colours in the bathrooms. Predominantly use white for your walls, toilet vases and washbasins but always keep them clean and bright by adopting a proper maintenance ritual. Vastu advises to use tile flooring for the bathroom. Keep the toilet lid down and the bathroom door closed when not in use. Also, watch out for dripping taps and water leakages in the bathroom as it is believed that they will drain wealth from your house.

Whether it is a new or old home, it is essential that the bathroom is kept spotlessly clean and clear of fungus and clutter. Keep your windows open for fresh air regularly. You can quickly lift the aura of your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint, new towels, paintings and plants.

7. Exterior and Backyard tips

If you have the chance of having a spacious backyard, it is the perfect place to hold your parties or to set up your own haven of tranquility and peace. Wind-chimes and birds symbolise harmony, wealth and joy. Hang wind-chimes in your garden and keep a bird feeder filled with grains in your yard or balcony  to attract wealth and prosperity.

As for furniture, Vastu recommends wooden outdoor furniture and advises against plastic and metallic furniture as it can be harmful in the sunlight. If you have a green thumb, make sure your plants are always well taken care of and look healthy.


One of the fundamental ideas of Vastu Shastra is to regulate the flow of positive energy throughout the home. In this light, avoid clutter of any sort inside your home. Regularly tidy up the surfaces of tables and cabinets, reorganise your wardrobes and kitchen cabinets so that they remain neat. Clear out stacks of old newspapers, magazines and broken items that you haven’t used for a while.

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